Learn more about Fusyfun 90-Day WOW Plan – everything you want to know!

Learn more about Fusyfun 90-Day WOW Plan – everything you want to know!

Q: What is the Fusyfun 90-Day WOW Plan?
A: This is an exclusive member benefit to ensure that you fully experience the "WOWs" brought by our products. We will provide personalized guidance with 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help you and your partner enjoy the fun of this product on a deeper level!
Q: Can I join this program?
A: Of course! This program is open to all Fusyfun lovers, whether you're an anal toy newbie or a pro looking for new excitement.
Q: What can I get from this program?
  • Personalized plan: Our team will customize 3 sex toy guidances in 90 days through email or social media to ensure you and your partner easily capture those "wow" moments.
  • Unlock new play skills: Discover all the details of the product to take your sex to new heights.
  • Money Back Guarantee: If you still don't get new sexual feelings and intimacy you'd never been through after 3 guidances, we promise to get you a full refund.

Q: How do I participate?
  1. Become a member: Register an account at www.fusyfun.com
  2. Purchase products: Purchase any product from Fusyfun
  3. Apply for WOW plan: Within 20 days after receiving the product, apply with one click, and we will immediately provide you with 3 personalized sessions.
Join us and experience the "WOW" feeling!
Fusyfun reserves all rights to this event


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