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Introducing FusyFun the 1st anal toy made for two. Combining prostate stimulation, delayed ejaculation, perineum vibration, and enhanced girth in one dildo design, it's your gateway to boundless pleasure. With its innovative features inspired by a marine creature Manta, each session promises a WOW journey.

Vibration modes

This vibrating anal toy for two has 9 different vibration modes to suit your different preferences, always providing a mind-blowing experience.

Remote control

he long-distance remote control can seamlessly switch modes during use, allowing you to orgasm more freely.

Waterproof rating

With an IPX6 waterproof rating, you can unleash your passion anytime, anywhere, whether you're showering at home or heading to the beach for vacation.

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Drawing inspiration from the graceful movements of the manta ray, the FusyFun Wave Anal Toy for Two seamlessly blends form and function. Allowing couples to explore new realms of intimacy with easeFusyFun Wave

Prostate Pleasure

Built-in super powerful motor.Experience targeted stimulation that ignites every nerve ending, leading to intensified orgasms.

Stamina Support

Enhance endurance and prolong intimacy with the supportive cock ring that promotes blood flow control.

Perineum Pulsations

Enjoy pulsating waves of pleasure as the toy massages the perineum, heightening arousal and satisfaction.

Girth Growth

Explore new dimensions of pleasure as the attachment vibrating dildo adds girth and sensation with each thrust.

How To Use

  • Exit public conversation

    Start by chatting 

    openly about what 

    drives your passion 

    and what'soff-limits. 

  • For her

    Slide the 2-inch vibrating dildo along with your penis to stimulate her G-spot or anal point during penetration.

  • For him

    slide the 2-inch vibrating dildo into his anus along with your penis and feel the shared fullness.

Product Specs


Sensation: Vibration

Motors: 1

Material: Liquid Silicone Rubber